Aesthetician (skincare spcialist)

Nancy C. Klein

Owner and Managing Aesthetician​​

Janet Miller

               Akashic record reader, Janet Miller, has joined our staff and is ready to book individual readings.

“Akasha” is the Sanskrit word meaning “sky,” or “space.”  Your records are stored in this ether and have existed since the beginning of time.   When I “tap” into this akashic field, I will access the vast amounts of information about YOU specifically.  The records will contain every thought, word and action of your various lifetimes (past, present, and future) in this universe.  We open your records to both help and give you hope during periods of need.

               Memories can be healed and released with the aid of an Akashic reader.   If a memory from the past isn’t healed it can continue to be active in this lifetime, which can influence your present mood and life.

               As a spiritualist, I have been working within the universe since I was a child.   The balance of my life on this planet will be spent helping others fulfill their full potential, releasing their limiting beliefs, and healing old wounds or trauma.  The records are there to help you make decisions based on the information you will receive.